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Our NYC based company focuses on providing high quality support to homeowners, realtors, and attorneys in the NYC area, in dealing with distressed assets, pre-foreclosures and foreclosure properties. Our boutique company specializes in all aspects of real estate with an extreme competency in the short sale realm; OUR MISSION at NYC Short Sales is to complete successful short sales for homeowners, realtors, brokers, and attorneys. Our Short Sale Negotiator program helps in the negotiation process of a short sale and stopping all types of foreclosures.

We at NYC Short Sales handle each case specifically based on the client’s individual needs and requirements – always using care and a personal touch. We want our clients to feel that we are doing everything possible to complete the process with minimal complications while maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and honestly. It is our goal to provide a successful close to all our transactions.

NYC Short Sales has now extended its services to New Jersey, opening NJ Jersey Short Sales to accommodate the ongoing foreclosure crisis in the New Jersey and New York Areas. We understand the need for our service due to the high volume of ongoing foreclosures in the local areas.

We facilitate these transactions for agents, brokerages, attorneys, and homeowners in a large volume. If you have any questions, please use us as a reference source. We are always willing to share our collective experience gained over the last decade in this field. If you are interested in additional information or our services offered please feel free to send us an email to [email protected] or reach out to my support department directly at 877.973.5569. We look forward to serving you and accomplishing your goals together.

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